i feel exhausted.

on the other hand, Shikou and I have a pretty baby girl named Suzaku.

but i'm so tired. and glad my fever broke.

and thanks souha for helping. @ w @;;
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Oh right.

I should bring this up in case anyone cares:

Shikou and I are expecting soon.

I hope there's no complications.


As someone who isn't a roaring nutball for the moment.

I apparently never mentioned this and I probably should.

I'm pregnant and expecting... in uh. December or so?
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I got a nice new well paying job.

But I feel less than thrilled with what the business I worked for sells.

Is that normal?
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I think I'm going to take Noriko up on that offer.

But I'm not sure what to do about ah, hiding in plain sight?
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Secretary work at my parent's company.

Acting offer from Noriko.

Or that thing Onni posted.

I have all the time in the world and yet I feel rushed.
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::Is sitting at a fountain either around the plaza or in the park, wearing denim cutoff shorts and a light orange tank top.

She's staring at a credit card, an obsidian black one. It reeks of excess and frivilous waste.

As if either what to do with it or to cut it with scissors.::
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Noriko, you have a lot of explaining to do.
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Well, I finally saw the post production version of that episode of my rival character. I still don't know who her actress is, but that was pretty intense doing the Duel.

I wonder why her identity is such a secret...
I'm hesitantly enjoying the show I'm working on now.

Though my co-worker's insistence of apparently being a method actor and not taking off her costume is kind of intense and surreal. And she never remains for in studio shots.

Also the armor they have her wearing freaks me out and reminds me too much of that crazy incident with Noriko.
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I swear, my life has been too weird since Noriko hired me.

I think I just got a job offer from her company. Again. By her talent scouts.
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::You can:

A) Come across Suzume looking sheepish talking to Shiroko. Wearing normal clothes.


B) Come across Suzume bamfing in and out of magical girl clothes.::
Journal Post
Uh, I need to take a short break for a few days, I've come down with something.

Private to Shikou
I have a huge problem.

Event Post
::So you come across this orange-haired young woman walking around a white-black-orange magical girl get up, with disk shaped rings protruding from her wrists and ankles. Topped off with a red scarf around her neck. Her eyes look half lidded and glazed over.

Some of you may know her as Suzume.

Either way, why is she dressed up as a magical girl cosplayer in public. Isn't that embarrassing at her age?::
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So. I want to find something to do with myself. Since while I'm happy with my life, boyfriend and job at the moment, I feel kind of empty.

And no, I don't really have any hobbies other than an interest in warfare, especially military 'superweapons'.

I just feel. Really restless.
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This has been an awful night on top of an awful week. And my clothes got ripped and everything. Geez.
You know what isn't fun?

Spending your entire night having to deprogram Shiroko.

With Nerfbats.
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Okay. That was just plain weird as hell.
... Ugh, I think I have a hangover.

... Also, anyone need any stuffed kitties or girlish dresses?
Well that's just great. I get back from a trip to America for a Duel, and I have a threatening letter in the mail.
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So, I had a weird dream where Shikou was a werewolf in a deep dark forest.

I think I need to eat more.