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You know, Pro Dueling isn't that stressful when you have a 3000 Train with a giant gun on your side running over beasts.
suzakuformation: (Squishy)
... I swear I feel so smug and snobby every time I have lunch with Noriko, Kouji, Shiroko and that other girl.
suzakuformation: (Squishy)
Man, I kind of want to talk to someone for a bit, just need to rant or. Something.
suzakuformation: (That's Not Possible)
Uh. I managed to get into Adam's apartment which was unlocked.

And oh dear god. This is the only thing I can use to adequately describe it.
I think you'd like to know if Shiroko's doing something weird, right?
suzakuformation: (Uh... Sure...)
... Do I really look 12?

Does anyone want to Duel, by and by.

Event Post
::This is Suzume snooping around Adam's garage. Wearing a deerstalker. She looks like a little girl playing dress-up.::
suzakuformation: (That's Not Possible)
ogodogodogodogod i thought i was gonna die.
suzakuformation: (What Do You Mean...?)
W-why the hell would he be at the hospital!?
suzakuformation: (Something Stirring...)
Someone... ocme... help...
suzakuformation: (Well You See...)
Okay, gonna be blunt here.

Anyone here with wings, claws, tails or horns? Start running if you hear Ride of the Valkyries.
suzakuformation: (Concerned)
Mmm, still putting along with Numbers. Haven't really seen anything, but I have heard rumors about this giant shark-dragon monster surfacing here and there.

Though, I think I'm going to try and take a break this weekend or next.
So I picked this up. This weirdo who ate cards had it. He wanted to beat me and eat my deck and clothes.

::Photo of Giga Brilliant, next to Crimson Blader, and a bottle of water.::
suzakuformation: (Well You See...)
So I didn't notice, this pass to the resort includes a "Plus one" for the hotel stay. ... Anyone want to come?
suzakuformation: (Uh... Sure...)
An entire week without encountering any Number Cards, man, I'm unlucky.

Though... I'm now pretty sure I'm being stalked. I keep feeling as if a pair of eyes are watching me.

Also, weirdly, me and Shiroko got a VIP pass to that Resort downtown via mail, with a free one night stay, but doubt I'm going to use it. Shiroko says she might be having a prime-time duel there...
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Ugggghhhhhh, I'm not going near Noriko again without adult supervision...

- - - - - - -

::Is sitting in the Park, in a little picnic area, wrapped up in a sweater and black pants, drinking coffee. Her eyes are bloodshot, she's got dark circles under them, she looks twitchy and exhausted. And is pouring over two Deck Boxes.::
suzakuformation: (Squishy)
... So, I swear someone's been staring or following at me when I leave the apartment, going to work, going to classes, or otherwise.

[Private to Shikou, Shiroko, Ai, and Sekuta]
I think there's something wrong in Van der Aart's head, and it bugs the crap out of me.
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Well, I now kinda realize one of the downsides of having a... uh, more substantial bust-line. Besides the back pain.

Mmm, otherwise a bit bored with college, and sort of want something to do besides follow the WRGP.

Really? Our country invents stuff like this? Wow.
::This is a small petite girl trying to decide if she should head into this building of any sort, but she seems hesitant. For those of you who know this small bird, she certainly didn't have those bangs hanging from the front of her head, curvy hips, or that modest bust a week or two ago.

Meanwhile, she's muttering "Damnit." and "Crap." while you fondly admire her feminine features that failed to appear in focus before.::
suzakuformation: (What Do You Mean...?)
City gets attacked by weirdo terrorists and hit by a sudden typhoon or whatever, leaving the place a wreck, and all the freaking gangs start crawling out again and claiming places for their own. Geez.