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Yamamoto, Suzume ([personal profile] suzakuformation) wrote2015-07-22 04:29 pm

[Event Post]

::Is sitting at a fountain either around the plaza or in the park, wearing denim cutoff shorts and a light orange tank top.

She's staring at a credit card, an obsidian black one. It reeks of excess and frivilous waste.

As if either what to do with it or to cut it with scissors.::

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[Peeking over your shoulder.]

You look like you've got something on your mind.

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[Jumps back a foot.]

Ah!? Sorry, jeez!

A-am I really that stealthy, I'm like six feet tall, for pete's sake!

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...I think I'm pretty loud, to be honest...

A-anyway. What's up? You look like you've got some trouble on your mind.

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[Gives you a stare.

A "do you remember what my day job is" stare.

You'd be surprised what I'm willing to believe.

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...That sounds like Noriko, honestly.

So what's the big issue?

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...I mean, yeah, but you eventually crawl out of that.

Speaking from experience.

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W-Why don't I count!

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...I crawled out! I don't indulge in excess near as much!

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The point I was trying to make is "you don't know what you want unless you let yourself be free to do anything you want." So I think this might be a good change of pace.

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The underwriting is "she wants you to discover what you want and be happy", Suzume.

[Blinks visibly.]

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Well, I mean. There's shades of that with her but...

Really. I think she just really wants you to go out and enjoy yourself - and if that means giving you enough money that you don't need to think about your worries, well, that's what she does.

There's nothing underhanded about it. I think I can solidly claim that.

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[He laughs a bit.]

Probably. It might not always be the wisest move, but I think here, you gotta just let yourself go, not think about it, and hope it all turns out alright.

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It's... I dunno how to explain it. It's a Bruce Lee style "don't think, feel" thing. Don't turn over the possibilities in your head so much and just do with whatever feels right.

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...Stop thinking about it, then. Cause you're thinking about how different it is. You have to get out of the box before you can figure things out.

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You're thinking about things that make you... you. That's your box.

[Draws a box in the air.]

You think things feel wrong because they aren't things you've put in your 'box'.

But your box is so rigid and 'tight' that you don't know things that could fit in the box other than what's in it.

So Noriko's trying to help you get outside your box, so you can find new things, and maybe make a bigger, more different box.

...Does that make sense?

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She wants you to have a healthier, bigger box, you don't become less... you, but spending a lot of time outside your box is good!