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So. I want to find something to do with myself. Since while I'm happy with my life, boyfriend and job at the moment, I feel kind of empty.

And no, I don't really have any hobbies other than an interest in warfare, especially military 'superweapons'.

I just feel. Really restless.
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... Do you feel empty because you're happy with your life, or...?
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I guess.

I think I might be strange, since at the moment, I'm just reveling having any sort of normal stability.
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... What brought on that realization?
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Ah. I guess that would explain it. It's nice to try out new things through that, I suppose.
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I'm not mad, Suzume.

I just wonder how I could help.
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It's not silly if it bothers you.

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...I probably shouldn't ask about your thoughts on military superweapons.

And yet I'm very interested.

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I think you could do a superweapon in this day and age if you really wanted to and have it be effective, but then again you'd probably trigger a nuclear war. I feel like the main thing limiting the Germans at the time was that they were thinking way beyond the tech they had available.

And, you know, they couldn't decide on just one doomsday weapon. One or two of those might have actually worked if they hadn't switched trains of thought midway.

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I'd agree, actually. The Gustaph is a great example to bring up, especially when you think of the fact that we've basically taken Gustaph to it's logical conclusion in how railguns work.

As much as I'd like to believe The Bell existed, none of the facts actually line up properly for it to seem real. Then again, most 'UFO' sightings have been secret stealth aerial test flights, so at least that part makes a semblance of sense.
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Size doesn't always equals power, obviously. But maybe I'm just fascinated with super-tech that lets people go beyond normal capabilities.

Pff, not a chance. Time Travel wasn't around until at least roughly late 70s, early 80s, assuming you can stomach that level of conspiracy theory.

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We'll get there soon enough, if I have any say on it.

Well, time travel wasn't really popularized until about the 60s by Wells, and then Back to the Future sort of brought it to public consciousness. Obviously, theories are 'backdated' to try and presume that the first Back to the Future film was actually based on a real science experiment gone awry. So people didn't really think of time travel as a concept until about then.

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...Wow okay nevermind I have no idea what I'm talking about.

Still, it kind of only really came back sorta-recently.